Romex Alarms will continue to offer ULC monitoring and quality personalized alarm services. Times have changed and we have changed with the times. Due to technology changes and improvements. Romex Alarms can now be professionally monitored for as low as $9.89 per month for residential and commercial areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we are ready to respond when an alarm occurs. But today being at home is no longer a deterrent to theft, that’s why Romex Alarms are there for you at all times. We offer fire monitoring that will help protect your family and home from a fire! Even if you have smoke detectors, who will call the fire department when you are not there or asleep? Romex Alarms monitoring can call the appropriate emergency services when you are away or unable to call or answer.

Request for emergency services directly from your keypad or wireless panic/medical device which is included in the low monitoring price of $9.89 a month.

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