If your Romex Alarms is monitored you are eligible for 10-25% discount on your home insurance, we will provide a certificate for your insurance company, check with your insurance agent or broker to find out.

The residential security systems add a barrier of protection to your home. With a monitored residential security system, you get peace of mind and value for your money. While you’re away, we’re your eyes and ears. We are proud and dedicated to be providing the best service possible by utilizing the latest in advance security technology and quality customer service you can trust.

Response Time

In an emergency, response time is critical.

Our team of highly trained professionals will act quickly and provide you with fast, efficient and precise response by accurately determining the type of alarm signal received. Within seconds of an emergency, appropriate emergency response teams are dispatched to your home or business.

The Romex Alarms team is interpret and record each signal received and with a database of confidential customer account information within their fingertips, can rapidly relay vital information to the appropriate authorities.



24 hours. 7 days a week.

Electronic security devices will be installed at your property on the inside of the building. The devices are located in areas most likely to detect disturbances whether it is intruders, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning just to name a few. Your devices are connected to our panel control to the Monitoring Station, which is staffed 24/7 by trained, qualified security personnel who will be notified by the sensors of any signs of danger at your property


Compliance with ULC Standards

We meet the strict requirements for ULC listing. This ensures consistent compliance with ULC standards for response time, staffing requirements, computerized alarm response procedures and around the clock monitoring. ULC listing means the latest monitoring capabilities – with backup power and communication systems for prompt response even in total power failure.


Highly Trained Professionals that are equipped with a sophisticated communication system for fast, reliable response to any alarm received.