Home Security Tips

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Home security is no joke, so here are the top 5 home security tips to follow for your own home!

  1. Make sure to change all the locks and tumblers when you move into a new house. You never know who may have extra keys!
  2. Lock your home EVERY single time you go out, even if it’s for a short period of time. Many burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window.
  3. If you ever lose your keys, change the locks IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Burglars often look for wiring around the exterior of a house and can cut it to disable the security system. Keep your home security wires hidden.
  5. Install an alarm system, they are the best form of home protection. Home alarm systems immediately inform emergency authorities and warn homeowners of any potential dangers. Seeing that a home has an alarm system often prevents an intruder from even attempting a burglary. Hearing an alarm go off usually sends a burglar running.
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